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Based out of Surrey, England, Straight-Line Fencing are the fencing specialists to turn to no matter the project!  With a team of dedicated and skilled personnel, each project is coupled with integrity, professionalism, and respect, bringing you, the client, the utmost in quality!  Whatever your need, be it equine fencing, agricultural fencing, or simply creating a border for your residence, we guarantee high quality installation and labor.  Instead of outsourcing, contact the Surrey local fencing specialists, Straight-Line Fencing!


Are You in Need of Fencing in Surrey?

We offer a plethora of fencing services in Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire areas.  We offer services, such as agricultural, equine, and domestic fencing, gate installation, and farm water & drainage!  Our craftsmen use only the premier and most pristine quality materials, ensuring the longevity of your Surrey fencing and gates!


30 Years’ Experience Installing Fencing in Surrey

Yes, you read that correctly.  We have 30 years of experience as the local fencing specialists of Surrey!  Straight-Line Fencing offers unrivaled experience and skill in the installation of fencing!  No matter the size of the job, large or small, we can handle it.  Our goal is to see your project through to fruition just as you envisioned it, and our primary prerogative is your satisfaction!  Even if you aren’t sure as to your precise needs, Straight-Line Fencing is here to advise you on the best, and most cost-effective, method.  Our craftsmen are here to help!  We say craftsmen because that’s precisely what we are, fencing specialists and craftsmen.


Agricultural Fencing

As we all know, agricultural fencing is a necessity due to agriculture being a necessity.  Our society will always owe the agricultural professionals a debt of gratitude.  Without them, we simply do not eat, and for that we are thankful.  Straight-Line Fencing is here to repay the favor with quality agricultural fencing to ensure your lives are even the slightest bit easier.  Our fencing ensures that livestock remain where they should be and nothing finds its way into the enclosure to possibly damage your livestock.  We also offer post and rail fencing, which is a more economic option to save the project owner money.


Equine Fencing

If you own horses, then you know that they can be contrary creatures, but loveable all the same.  When it comes to installing fencing for horse, they must be sturdy, high-quality, and horse friendly.  These 3 factors are what Straight-Line Fencing focus on when installing equine fencing.  We want to know that your horses are safe, contained, and comfortable.

There is a myriad of options when it comes to equestrian fencing, and the like.  These include stud-wire, electric, and our most popular, post and rail fencing.  We offer all of these options, all with tier-1 quality and professionalism.


How Can We Help with Your Fencing Today?

Straight-Line Fencing is ready to see your project through from concept to completion, and as such, we simply have one question to ask you.  How can the fencing specialists of Surrey help with your fencing today?