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Agricultural Fencing

Farming and agriculture are such important parts of our society and will continue to be important as long as we need to eat and survive. Making sure that our products are safe and clean are among the highest of concerns among farmers and consumers. There are many effective ways to keep our livestock and produce safe and fencing is one of the most important. Fencing is one of the key ways to keep our cattle, domestic pets, livestock, gardens, and livelihoods alive and thriving. Post and rail fencing, stock fencing, and electric fencing are all economically sound and highly effective tools to keep your livestock and produce safe.

Post and Rail Fencing

This type of fencing is an economical choice and is cheaper than its counterparts. It is built with upright wooden posts at a measured distance apart with horizontal beams across to connect them forming a very solid and effective fence. Wired fencing can also be added for extra security if desired. These fences are incredibly sturdy and offer a wide visibility for all of your property. They can be used in any location such as marking boundaries, around homes, for horses, and small ranches. These fences are incredibly versatile to say the least.


Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is another great choice if looking for something with more of a general purpose around the home or farm. They are constructed out of posts at measured intervals and wrapped in wire. They are very effective and well built fencesand can be used as boundaries around various sizes of property, for sheep, pigs, livestock, and also domestic pets. If you are looking to protect your garden, these are also a wonderful choice. Stock fencing is yet another versatile type and is easy to install on any size of property.


Electric Fencing

Electric fences can be used for a variety of different ways and are a great use for larger livestock as well as for protection from predators. These fences are made with an electrical box set at an effective yet safe voltage. Posts at a measured distance apart with wires connecting them complete the circuit for complete protection. They can be used to either keep livestock in as well as predators out. The voltage effects the range in which animals will come close to the fence. These are a wonderful choice if looking for the extra protection for your livestock.