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When it comes to farming, there is very little more important than a constant and reliable water source. Drainage is equally important to crops and to cattle, and for preparing ground for working. Here at Straight Line Fencing we have over thirty years of experience in providing farmers with the correct infrastructure that will keep everything in working order.



When it comes to ditch digging we have everything you need. We can provide a range of products aimed at drilling, digging, scooping and ploughing. Deep ruts are our speciality, and we will take care of all of your ditch needs. Ideal for drainage where it is needed, we can provide the best equipment for the best prices – and be there when you need us most. When it comes to ditching there are three main options.

Open ditch drains– the sort of drain is often irregular as it is dog to follow the contours of your land and it’s mostly used to deal with areas that easily become waterlogged.

Field ditches – these ditches are designed to be easily traversed by farm equipment. They are dug deep and have shaped sides and narrow tops which allows tractors to easily drive over them. These ditches are placed where you want them to go and are not as haphazard as open ditch drains.

Narrow ditches – this is the choice when you need drainage but do not have to worry about farm equipment needing to cross the ditch. These narrow ditches can be laid wherever you require.

So, whatever your drainage needs are you can trust that straight line fencing will provide you with a quality drainage system that will keep your land hydrated but prevent it from becoming waterlogged.


Underground drainage

Underground drainage offers you an alternative to ditching and we can provide you with everything you require.  Underground drainage systems are an ideal choice if you need a water management system but don’t have the space to spare for ditching. The range of underground drainage systems available to you including box drains, tile or pipe drains and rubble drains. If you require a drainage pump this is also something we can provide you with. So, if you’re looking for a drainage system that will not interfere with the operations of your farm then talk to us at straight line fencing about your underground drainage options and we will help you to implement a system that most perfectly meets your needs.

Equestrian and Farm

Straight Line Fencing are the perfect place for all of your equestrian and farm based needs. We have years of experience in the farm supply industry, and know what types of equipment you are looking for. Our range of wells, well drilling machinery and clear flow water systems are the very best of quality, and will be fitted by professionals who have unlimited experience in drainage and water supply infrastructure. Peruse our products below, and see if you can find exactly what you need!